PATTY'S HOUSEHOLD SERVICES - ~Professional House Cleaning From Our Family to Yours~

Name the two most valuable assets a Professional Cleaner can help protect?

#1 is Health!
Allergens, virus' and bacteria is eliminated by a Professional Cleaner and nothing is more important than protecting you and your families' health. Being a family owned and operated business. We understand the importance of healthy sanitation and cleanliness. We disinfect your home to maintain a healthy living environment. We use static dusters to collect the dust, instead of it polluting the air. Our tools are kept fresh and clean. We're another layer of protection to keep your family healthy and happy.
#2 is Home!
Decay, rot, rust, calcium, mold and mildew can wreck havoc on your home's longevity. A Professional Cleaner will help maintain your homes value and appeal. (We might even resolve a few arguments.) Our Company strives to be the best in the industry. We want our Customers to feel good about their investment in our service. Quality is of utmost importance to us. We provide all cleaning supplies, equipment and we're fully insured. We'll also use provided cleaning supplies upon request.(Natural cleaners, essential oil products, etc.)

If you are in immediate need of our services, please call: 
(913)780-6538  -OR- (913)201-2321

"Come on, You know you don't want to clean anymore... Call Us!"
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